Homemade Specialty is now The Soup Ladies®

Why did you change to The Soup Ladies®?
The name “Homemade Specialty” helped assure our customers that all our soups are made with the best, real ingredients, handcrafted and assembled by real people. But, our retail partners and the friends we meet at craft fairs always greet us as “The Soup Ladies.” So, we decided to make that our official name!

Are the soups still the same?
Absolutely. All ten of our flavors are still being made the way we’ve always made them—packaged by hand with all natural ingredients, no sulfites, no preservatives and no GMOs. All have 410mg of sodium or less per serving. And all of our vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are still available.

How is the new packaging different?
Our brand new Soup Ladies packaging was carefully chosen to ensure freshness longer, protect the product better, and make shipping to our customers easier, safer, and more efficient. All our nutrition labels have also been updated to the latest FDA standards to help consumers make healthier decisions about their diet. This new packaging is a win for everybody.